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  • Emergency Preparedness for Your Paleo Household
    Are you prepared with Paleo foods to survive a natural disaster? Within the past month alone there have been earthquakes in Nepal, and deadly flooding and tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma. For those of us living away from these areas, it’s a sobering reminder to review our emergency preparedness kits, specifically the food rations that […] The post Emergency Preparedness for Your Paleo Household appeared first on The Paleo Diet™. ... read more
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  • Green Chile Chicken and Cauliflower Rice
    Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs - Chicken and rice is a classic, comforting meal combination that requires only one pan to make. This delicious recipe adds green chiles to the mix to spice things up a bit. Cozy up with a bowl of this delicious green chile chicken and rice for a comforting, satisfying dinner. This recipe mostly uses ingredients that are usually already in my… ... read more
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  • Pressure Cooker Ribs With Creamy Coleslaw
    We’ve shared quite a few rib recipes on the website already, but this is our first using a pressure cooker.... The post Pressure Cooker Ribs With Creamy Coleslaw appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. ... read more
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  • Gluten Free Mexican Sweet Potato Salad
    As we head into summer and start to fire up the grill for backyard barbecues and gather ‘round the pool, on patios, porches, or under a shady tree for simple summer entertaining, it’s time to start thinking about side dishes for our burgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken. When I think of summer side dishes of course I think of potato salad. I mean for me, it just wouldn’t be summer without some… ... read more
    Source: Simply Gluten-Free
  • Do Celiacs Have to Live in Fear?
    HELL NO! Ok…now that I got that out of the way, let me explain. Celiac disease sucks. I know that. You know that. Not only does it suck, but there is so much bad info out there about our disease, that for the newly diagnosed, it becomes a minefield of fear. (And for those wondering what the heck Terminus has to do with this post, they made their decision partly based on fear. Never a… ... read more
    Source: The Gluten Dude
  • Crab Classic Now Gluten-Free
    Gluten can hide in some pretty tricky places, including in sauces, soups, flavorings and imitation seafood. Imitation seafood isn’t something I ate a lot of before I started the gluten-free diet, but I wouldn’t have thought that it contained gluten. Crab Classic recently made a change to their products that makes them all gluten-free now. They made this change after learning that many people who were following the gluten-free diet were purchasing their Crab Classic Chunk Style… ... read more
    Source: Celiac-Disease
  • Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
    Smoked salmon is by far one of my favorite foods. It’s a luxurious little indulgence that I may indulge in a bit too often. But, smoked salmon, right? Who can blame me? There aren’t many times I mar its unctuous flavor and texture with other ingredients, but these smoked salmon deviled eggs are… To. Die. For. The recipe makes four halves, but honestly, this is one serving for me. I just gobble them all up… ... read more
    Source: Gluten Free Gigi
  • Quinoa Taco Salad
    Taco Salad DaysLooking for a fresh idea for a summer picnic or backyard get-together? This cool and breezy quinoa taco salad might be just what you're craving. Laced with lime juice and sea salt, the combo of fluffy quinoa and ripe avocado, spiked with red onion and sunny sweet pepper, served on a crisp bed of romaine lettuce, is a light and healthy twist on the salsa drenched bean and cheese heavy taco salads so… ... read more
    Source: Gluten-Free Goddess
  • Delicious Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Tiramisu with Strawberries!
    Celebrate anything, with a decadent tiramisu! There was an Italian restaurant in my hometown. The kind that has stood tall and busy for decades, without changing one bit of the interior or staff. The same old lady yelling in the kitchen, and the whole family waiting tables. Each their role, and always seemingly too busy. […] ... read more
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  • Recipe: Gluten Free Lemon Vanilla Salted Scones
    In my last post for Gluten Free Banana Bread I had explained that I am going through my blog and making sure recipes posted are mine. When I first started blogging I would share gluten free recipes that I thought were worth sharing. What I discovered is that while it is fine to share a link back to the original website it really is not okay to post the… ... read more
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