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  • Spiced Grilled T-Bones
    The T-bone is a steak with presence. It’s big, it’s bold, and everything about it is unapologetically steak. When cartoons... The post Spiced Grilled T-Bones appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. ... read more
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  • Gluten Free Sunbutter & Jelly Cookies
    Just because a kid can’t eat gluten, or dairy, or peanuts, (or all three!) shouldn’t mean they need to feel deprived when it comes to treat time. The cool thing about these cookies – a nut free version of a classic flavor combo – is they are a snap to make, they taste delicious, and they are just plain fun! You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these Sunbutter & Jelly… ... read more
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  • Hey Dude…Where Should I Eat Gluten-Free in New York City?
    Traveling as a celiac can be stressful. Especially when going to a big city like New York when you are not familiar with it. So many choices to eat, but are they really safe? And if they’re safe, are they any good?? I got the following three messages in the past week. Hi Gluten Dude. I love the fact you’re in our tribe. Thank you for all your commentary and keeping this disease alive and… ... read more
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  • Lose Weight and Keep It Off?
    Besides winning the lottery, there may not be a more universally shared goal than losing body weight and keeping it off. If this is a goal you are after, you may not want to read the rest of today’s piece! The post Lose Weight and Keep It Off? appeared first on The Paleo Diet™. ... read more
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  • Gluten-Free Peach Cake with Cinnamon Streusel
    It was so hard to let this cake cool before cutting into it. Dreams of Peach Cake Why is it when I bake a coffee cake I get all dreamy and gooey inside, like a knee-socked school girl in Latin class, riveted to the patch of peachy, fuzzy cloud against the swaying swatch of blue between the maple tree branches outside the classroom window, imagining love itself is out there, waiting, breathing, just beyond reach, ready… ... read more
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  • Strawberry Purée
    If you’re in overabundance mode with strawberries like we (thankfully) are in France this year, do yourself a favor and pick up some freshly picked strawberries from your local farmers market. We like to mix it up with different varieties, but use what is grown locally for you because that is what will taste best and be freshest. We got these at our local outdoor market here in Normandy, France. Each variety brings different qualities to… ... read more
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  • Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Blueberry Vanilla Bread Pudding with Coconut!
    This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free adaptable, low-FODMAP adaptable, lacto/ovo and lacto-ovo vegetarian. A fresh, modern take on a classic Bread pudding is a popular dessert in so many countries, but often considered a bit of a heavy and “old-fashioned” dish. I think that this wonderful, classic pudding deserves a fresh and contemporary revival! Out go […] ... read more
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  • Review: Tony Roma’s Ready-to-Eat Meat Entrees
    A few weeks back we received some samples from Tony Roma’s. Tony Roma’s has a line of ready-to-eat meat entrees that are free of gluten and artificial ingredients. We received the Signature Pulled Pork and St. Louis Style Pork Ribs and they couldn’t have come at a better time. We had company in for the week and we planned on having the Tony Roma’s entrees for dinner one night. All we had to do… ... read more
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  • Spicy Piri Piri Baked Chicken
    Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs - Baked chicken can get a bit boring, and our piri piri baked chicken is designed to spice things up and make it more interesting. See how you can turn a list of common ingredients into a winning meal. Piri piri, besides being fun to say, is a great way to liven up your baked chicken and turn it into something special.… ... read more
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