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  • 5 Questions to Find the Right Paleo for You
    Paleo is one principle that you can interpret in all kinds of ways, and it’s not always easy to figure... The post 5 Questions to Find the Right Paleo for You appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. ... read more
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  • Easy Gluten Free Corn Pudding Recipe
    Looking for an easy gluten free side dish for your Easter dinner? This corn pudding is simple, colorful, and crazy good! I mean seriously, who needs ham? I could just eat this and be happy. But it also happens to go really, really well with baked ham or any other kind of meat. It is also a great vegetarian side dish that could stand in as a main. You can make this recipe… ... read more
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  • Karina’s Nirvana Layer Bars- Chocolate & Coconut Bliss
    Divine Gluten-Free Layer BarsThis recipe is a family favorite- my chocolate-coconut cookie bar recipe. Simple to make. Sweet and gooey and bliss inducing. And most important? You can offer them at any gathering without a gluten-free apology. (Would that be, Don't ask, don't tell?)Bummed about the dairy in it? My son Alex has created his own casein-free version using condensed coconut milk. See our Dairy-Free Nirvana Bars recipe here.[READ MORE...}By Gluten-Free Goddess® Karina. Browse wonderful gluten-free… ... read more
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  • Sugar-Free Paleo Cinnamon Applesauce
    Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs - Applesauce is incredibly easy to make in large batches right at home, requiring only about an hour of your time. There are so many things you can do with applesauce. Obviously it is a great snack, but it also makes a sweet condiment and a handy Paleo baking ingredient. Most often, I like to add applesauce to a breakfast bowl… ... read more
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  • Paleo Pumpkin Breakfast Porridge
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  • Review: KIND Snacks Healthy Grains Bars
    I was thrilled when I received a very cool sample package from KIND Snacks last week with the brand new KIND Healthy Grains Bars inside. There are five new bars in the line-up, joining five current varieties.  I didn’t waste much time working my way through them. The way the bars were packaged was super cute and creative. The bars are a perfect blend of crunchy and chewy, just like a granola bar is supposed to… ... read more
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  • Paleo Diets Proven Therapeutic to Multiple Sclerosis Patients
    Professor Cordain, My wife was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I found the lecture you gave funded by Direct MS on the Paleo diet.  My wife has already started the Paleo diet.  At the time, it seemed like all the evidence for excluding tomatoes wasn’t in yet.  Are you now certain tomatoes should be […] The post Paleo Diets Proven Therapeutic to Multiple Sclerosis Patients appeared first on The Paleo Diet™. ... read more
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  • Better Than Cadbury Cream Egg; Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs!
    Want your cake, and eat it too? Behold the most amazing Easter surprise imaginable; The Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Egg! This recipe featured in the wonderful Easter edition of Yum. Gluten Free Magazine. In fact, it had the pleasure of adorning the cover :) These cute little Easter Eggs may look impressive, but they are […] ... read more
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  • Recipe: Gluten Free Poppyseed Loaf
    In my previous post I shared an old recipe from pre-celiac days to gluten free. The gluten free banana bran muffin recipe turned out so well I couldn’t wait to switch up one of my grandma’s recipes. My grandma meant so much to me that it warms my heart to not only think of her, but to make one her old recipes. Poppyseed Loaf was something we had growing… ... read more
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  • Celiac Rant: Just Order a &#%!@?! Salad??
    2 quick Dude notes before I start today’s rant. 1) This is my 500th blog post. That is crazy. Where does the time go? 2) I’m off to Minnesota today to visit with the Cheerios folks. Should be interesting. Anyway, got a great email the other day from a newly diagnosed celiac who is handling her transition extremely well, except for one wee issue. Her rant is quite entertaining so I’m sharing it with you.… ... read more
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