• 2014 Paleo Holiday Menu
    The holidays are always interesting, we tend to all be happy and excited, but it can also bring out the... The post 2014 Paleo Holiday Menu appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips.... read more
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  • World Market Gluten-Free Options
    World Market is one of my favorite places to find unique gifts and household items, in addition to finding great deals on wine. While I was in our local World Market over the weekend, I was thrilled to see some new gluten-free products and an entire end cap with gluten-free items and a gluten-free list attached to the side. There were a bunch of different options here, but there are plenty more throughout the store,... read more
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  • I Have Found Gluten-Free Paradise and Its Name is Baraka Point
    I’m back. Oh…how I’ve missed you all. This is the fourth straight year that I’ve gone away to the Virgin Islands with the same group of friends and each year I try to get a blog post or two in while I’m away. This year…I needed to unplug. Seriously unplug. And it was nothing but awesomeness. I feel revived. I feel revamped. I feel rejuvenated. I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel... read more
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  • Top 10 Gluten Free Appetizer Recipes Your Friends and Family Will Love
    Here are my top 10 gluten free appetizer recipes, perfect for the holidays: Recipe: Gluten Free Spicy White Bean Dip Recipe: Gluten Free Tomatillo Salsa Recipe: Gluten Free Hummus Recipe: Buffalo Pork Lettuce Wraps Recipe: Gluten Free Salad Rolls Recipe: Gluten-Free Pumpkin Sausage Kale Pesto Crostini Recipe: Gluten Free Portobello Mushroom Pizzas Recipe: Gluten Free Spicy Roasted Chickpeas Recipe: Gluten Free Cheese Ball Recipe: Gluten-Free Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Enjoy!... read more
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  • A Bone of Contention: BDA Excludes Bones and Organ Meat
    Last week the British Dietetics Association (BDA), the UK’s largest organization of nutrition professionals, launched an impetuous assault on the Paleo Diet, ranking it second among their “Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets to Avoid in 2015.” Did you notice the double negative here? Did the BDA intend to call their ill-reasoned hit piece ‘top 5 worst diets to embrace?’ Or did they mean ‘top 5 best diets to avoid?’ The BDA’s hasty grammatical error epitomizes... read more
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  • Quick & Easy Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Bark to please the gluten-free Sweet tooth!
    Fancy a quick and easy treat? Perhaps something sweet with a little touch of salty? Got more candy canes than you can shake a stick at? Whip up this super yummy dark chocolate peppermint pretzel bark, and satisfy that craving! This incredibly tasty treat literally takes minutes to make, and it is beyond moreish.. One bite […]... read more
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  • Gluten Free Baked Eggnog French Toast Recipe
    In my family, Christmas is all about the morning and all the joyful, fabulous chaos that comes with it. And once the chaos starts to settle, we need food. I don’t like to miss a single moment of the chaos, stuck in the kitchen making breakfast, so I get prepared. I make something the night before that can be baked off while the presents are exchanged and unwrapped. This Baked Eggnog French Toast just screams... read more
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  • Winter Holidays: Celebrating Gluten-Free
    Celebrate: Gluten-Free Style!Looking for recipes and inspiration for your gluten-free Christmas breakfast? Winter solstice brunch with friends? Vegan Hanukkah guests? A romantic New Year's Eve? Some simple winter comfort food?Here is my collection of holiday friendly favorites. Browse these gluten-free wheat-free recipes (most are dairy-free as well) and create your own winter holiday menu.Celebrate gluten-freestyle.With love.Continue to recipe >>> By Gluten-Free Goddess® Karina. Browse wonderful gluten-free recipes at http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com... read more
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  • Chocolate Merlot Balls
    Confession: I wish every day were “finger foods” or appetizer day. I love small bites on pretty plates and getting to sample a little of this, a bit of that. In fact, when the girls were young, we had appetizers for dinner once each week (we also had Dessert First Fridays, but that’s another story). It was a great opportunity for me to teach them how to make healthy snacks and keep our time together... read more
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