Recipe: Crispy Egg
Simple and easy to make. Perfect breakfast for those on the go!
Soups and Chilies
Soup and Chili recipes to warm the soul.
Cherry Bomb Meatloaf Sliders
Cherry Bomb Meatloaf Sliders
The smell of bread baking in the oven!
Drinks, Drinks, Drinks
Relax and unwind with a nice beverage.

  • What’s Happening: Question Time
    In a parliamentary system of government, question time is when members of parliament get to grill ministers on political topics.... The post What’s Happening: Question Time appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. ... read more
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  • Gluten Free Honey Pepper Beef Stir Fry
    On busy week nights, stir-fry is my go-to dinner. Easy, tasty, quick, and when you make food at home, it is so much less expensive than take-out. The basics of a good stir-fry are some form of protein, veggies, flavorings such as garlic, ginger, and such, and a good marinade and/or sauce. In this recipe, the marinade does double-duty as the sauce. This is Honey Pepper Beef, a dish I used to eat long… ... read more
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  • The Best Gluten-Free Pizza Crust, Goddess Style
    PIZZA. YES. For years I've missed pizza. Not because there isn't gluten-free pizza available. It's out there. You can find it if you look hard enough. Take a gander in the frozen food aisle of your favorite natural market. Snoop around in the dairy case, next to the gluten-free bagels. You might even hit pay dirt at your local pizza joint (if they understand the ins and outs of cross ... read more
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  • 6 Money Saving Paleo Tips (No. 6 is Life-changing!)
    Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs - If you’ve been wanting to transition into a Paleo diet, but you are hesitating because of budget-related concerns, there are some definite methods and strategies to help reduce the cost involved with eating real, whole foods. Many individuals are hesitant to give Paleo a try because they think it’s going to cost a lot of money; however, cooking your meals at home and reducing your spending on needless snacks full… ... read more
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